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Rental Equipment

Need power for

your event ?!

MaxiPower has been successfully providing electrical power to a wide range of events for years. When you need special event power, MaxiPower is the trusted professional team to get the job done. Our special event power services include installation, teardown and removal of rented units and equipment. We are true experts at engineering the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for any event, including:

  • Concerts

  • Business events

  • Outdoor weddings

  • Trade shows

  • Festivals

  • Sporting events

  • Conventions

Electricity is one of the most important components of your event or show. You want to be sure you get it right — but you also shouldn’t have to stress about it, either. Leave the work to us so you can focus on putting on a great event.


Once you start working with us, you’ll see immediately that our full-service offering will free you from the stress of having to deal with any power-related logistics. From the initial proposal and electrical plan, to installation, maintenance such as refueling generators, all the way to final tear-down, we handle everything required to get the right amount of power to your event. All you need to do is plug-in. 

If you’re a venue owner, facility manager or professional in need of temporary power, call us today. Once you chat with one of our professional technicians, we’ll develop a game plan for your event based on your needs. On the day of your event, we install your special event power and dismantle and remove it when it’s over.

Our special event equipment is the best there is — as are our experienced technicians.

Available to rent are:

  • Generators

  • Transformers

  • Distribution panels

  • Plug and play feeder cables

  • Underground and above-ground temporary power poles

  • Electrical power supply and outlets

  • Special lighting

  • Cable mats

Do you feel uncomfortable without one of our technicians on-site after installation? After all, you’ll be busy running your event, so if you feel better knowing one of our specialists is on-site throughout the event, we can provide a technician. Your comfort and safety are our priority.

Are you planning an event and need power?

Contact us  - We can supply everything you need to run a smooth event

Or call us at 613-764-3000 

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