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Industrial Services

Our professional industrial electricians are equipped in handling new electrical wiring to replacing existing electrical wiring that may be outdated or overcrowded. We can also install new panel boxes to accommodate growth and the demands of expanding business.


If you are looking for an industrial electrical contractor, Maxi Power will meet with you and offer a quotation of services to save your company from any downtime! We understand that when the equipment is not working, your company is not being productive. Give us a call today and we will offer an immediate assessment of how to make your plant more functional and productive. We can also supply you with ideas on how to make your operation more energy efficient.

Our industrial services include the following and more:

Plant Relocation

New and temporary wiring for equipment

New and temporary work station electrical wiring

On-site contract fulfillment

Replace and install new panel boxes


Do you need help with from an electrician to fix a problem or a new installation?

Contact us  - Our electricians are ready to help you right away

Or call us at 613-764-3000 

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