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Gemstone Lights will brighten up your home’s exterior for every occasion year-round

Permanent Lights - Maintenance Free -

Build custom for each house so it's perfect for you.

16 Millions of colors and options. Ready for any occasions!


Beautiful Lighting

Choose any bulb with any look you desire. Replace your pot lights with Gemstone Lights! Gemstone Lights offers a wide array of awesome patterns, however, architectural lighting is a top favorite of all Gemstone Light users!


Amazing Features for the best experience


Beautiful Lighting
Pick any bulb with the look you want. Gemstone Lights offers a wide range of stunning patterns

Gemstone Lights iPhone/Android App
The Gemstone Lights proprietary 
iOS and Android app allow you to control a multitude of different lights, settings, and functions from the cloud!


Excellent Quality - Built to last
We use the very best material for all our LEDs and components, as well as cables and lights with UV protection. Our system has been tested in the heat of Phoenix USA and the cold of Alberta Canada.

Warm Bright White
Our Lights include a Warm White LED and with the mix and match RGB to get a full array of colours. Use the warm white for soft ambient lighting, all year round or any occasions.


Dimmable Feature for all lights
Gemstone Lights offers extremely bright lights but you also have the ability to dim them to a light glow with the touch of a button.

All Connections Are Fully Waterproof
The great feature of LED lights is that they last a long time but if something goes wrong we can replace them easily with our plug in and out system.

Everything Is Completely Warrantied
On average, LEDs will last 50,000 hours but we do offer a full 3-year warranty on our products if anything would happen.


Multiple Timers Can Be Set Up
Gone are the days to buy external timers! Gemstone Lights App allows you to program multiple timers and even repeat yearly for birthdays/events or change every hour according to your preferences.


Fascinating Animations
Gemstone Lights App comes already preset with different animations or you can create your own flowing patterns, fades, jumps, shifts and other fun movements.

Extremely Versatile Lighting
Enjoy complete control on your lights. You can simply turn on a couple of lights for peaceful lighting, light up the walkway or the entrance. Options are endless!


Reasonably Priced
Without a doubt, our system is the very best system on the market. Even with all the extra features that comes integrated, our pricing is better than the competition. Make sure to get a free quote today.

Concealed Design
Our color-matching track sits neatly under your sofit and the low profile allows your lights to appear hidden during the day.


Intelligent Controller & App
Can your lights do this? The possibilities are nearly endless. Our app is intuitive and fun to use. Users can unlock their creative potential with Gemstone Lights proprietary iOS and Android app


Easy to Use,
Full-Colour Spectrum


Individually Addressable Lights


Pre-set Patterns and Animation


Set Timers for any Season or Event

Featured Projects

769811_AuthorizedDealerLogoVector V1_A1 _032221.png

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